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We're really still getting this site off the ground, so check back here in the future. For the time beeing, we'd be remiss if we didn't point you at a few places that we rely on. Yes, we're in New England, so the links here are likely to have a heavy bias in that direction.

Beer and Wine Hobby This is where we get 99.99% of our beer making stuff. From malt and hops, to carboys and kegs, to live plants, they have it all. Plus, they've got a super-knowledgable staff that can help you with whatever you're doing.
Yankee Brew News Want to know what's going on in New England in the home brewing world? Look no further than the Yankee Brew News. You can find it at many brew-pubs, breweries, and homebrew shops, or you can subscribe to make sure you're always up to date. The web site has a calendar so you can keep up with what's happening.
rec.crafts.brewing A great news group with people who really know what they're talking about. If you've got a question, the people who hang out here probably have an answer...and, if not, well, RDWHAHB.